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We offer Fun & Creative Drama and storytelling Sessions for 0-5 Year Olds

I remember my very first experience of theatre as a very young child at primary school.

Going on a school trip to a very big space. I was going to listen to a special story, to be taken on a journey. As I walked into this giant space, I was given a small sweet by a lady dressed in a costume, she could have been from another world!  She asked me; would I like to go inside the belly of a whale?  I ate the sweet quickly, just in case she changed her mind! Then I walked through the door, and I was there, in a magical world!  Although, the sweet may have had lots to do with it, I remember the sensory experience of believing in this magical world, this space that could have been anything or anywhere, a space where I could be anyone, a magical space, a space for me, to imagine, play and explore.

My name is Carla Henry. It is an absolute privilege and pure joy to have the opportunity to devise, create and facilitate imaginative play through the world of Drama and Theatre and all it has to offer. To take an object, painting or sound and devise a story based session as an interactive experience for our young friends.

Within a session a child is allowed to improvise and explore. I see myself as facilitator, making several offerings of story telling using verbal and non verbal communication. Storytelling is steeped within my culture, a story was always told in my home, words that empowered, excited and encouraged me. Story for me is life!. Bringing stories to life for 0-5yrs has been such an exciting journey. It is a magical and encouraging experience when I catch a glimpse of a parent/carer smiling as they watch their precious baby smile, babble and interact.

I strongly believe that story, drama and theatre had such an impact on my life. Then the birth of my son brought with it the beginnings of my practice with babies and young children. I started attending sessions with my baby son, he never asked to go anywhere, but he let me know where he didn’t want to be. I watched him, responded to him and knew that I wanted to create something which would inspire him. Drama 4 Tots was born. I have been devising and running sessions for the past 4 years, my practice is always growing and exploring new ways to facilitate, fun, creative and inspiring play. I am very fortunate to have the support and input of inspirational Primary school teacher Laura Miley.

My son was not interested in sitting still and listening to a story, so I brought the story alive, out of a box (literally) gave him and others an interactive story experience and then told them that stories also live in books! Now he can’t put books down, acting out the characters and creating his own world, Its magical.

Using my experience as an actress and my degree in Devised Theatre I created Drama 4 Tots.  Each story within the session is original.  I use sound, movement, live instruments, props and lots of sensory materials to create a space for exploration with the emphasis on FUN! I have been greatly inspired by the works of Pie Corbett and Oliy Cart.

Most recently I was invited to collaborate with Sam Hull ( a wonderful visual artist) on a project:  Story Spaces (Not a box).  This was a partnership between Manchester Art Gallery, the Royal Exchange and Action For Children Foundations Project.  Funded by Manchester City Council's Cultural Strategy for developing cultural opportunities for North Manchester residents.  I was then commissioned by Manchester Art Gallery to work as the Drama Practitioner on their Far Far Away project.  I devised a piece of work called The Sad Stem using the Pre-Raphaelites painting Ophelia (1852 Arthur Hughes) as my inspiration to develop a interactive session for 0-5’s. I have worked with Action For Children on their Sharing Stories with Julia Donaldson Project.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

Nelson Mandela

Drama 4 Tots
& Baby Sensory Storytelling

teachers with their teaching and learning. At her current school she has a number of valuable roles which have developed her leadership skills on the senior management team. She is the Key Stage One Leader, assessment co-coordinator and CLLD (Communication Language and Literacy) leader for the foundation stage curriculum.

"Working so closely with children allows me to see how unique and special each child is. There is nothing better than a child's imagination coming alive in the classroom where they can be as creative and individual as they like. Stories in particular allow a child to enter their own imaginary world and it is fantastic to see their excitement and enthusiasm for any story" Says Laura

She is passionate about the importance of teaching a range of stories to children as they are a key aspect of every child's life and fundamental to their development of language.

"Working with Drama 4 Tots has allowed me to share my experience in creating a program that is fun, exciting and develops key aspects of each child's early learning skills. This unique program will develop a variety of skills such as drama, movement, language development and storytelling techniques through songs and dance. The programs are all in line with the Early Years Framework and National Curriculum for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales"

Laura Miley

Nicola studied English Literature and Theatre at the University of Sheffield, specialising in Devising and Theatre in Education. This involved working together with children to fabricate and perform plays that they would be able to look upon as their own achievements. It encouraged them to bring their imaginations to life without inhibition, and to feel proud of their accomplishments.

Throughout her life, Nicola has had a wide variety of experience as a performer and regularly works as a professional vocalist and guitarist. She has always had a passion for creativity, and strongly believes in allowing the imagination to take the reigns!

“As a child, all I needed was a stage – a comfortable space to express my individuality and my creations. This is what Drama 4 Tots can provide.”

Nicola believes that drama inspires and frees our minds and helps us grow as a person, not just in confidence but in our artistic and language skills, and in our ability to adapt and improvise.

Drama 4 Tots practitioner Nicola Worthington.

Laura has been a primary school teacher for 5 years. She trained as a teacher at Liverpool Hope university where she graduated with A 2:1 degree in BA (QTS) Primary Education and Science.  She absolutely loves teaching and has experience across all the key stages. She is currently a leading teacher in Salford which involves sharing good practice around the authority and supporting other



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